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ABOUT EJ'S FARM: Located in Denver, EJ's Farm sources from its own urban farm garden to produce its line of small batch artisanal soaps and body products. These items are being made available through a partnership between our farms and are currently available through Blossom & Branch Farm only as an add on to a flower item. If you'd like to purchase directly from EJ's Farm, visit EJsfarmdenver.com!

EJ's Farm's Whisper soap is made with Green Tea Kombucha that has been infused with lemon basil, calendula, and red clover.  Kombucha improves your skin's tone and texture and adds conditioning properties to the soap. This soap is rich with Shea butter, sweet almond oil, olive oil, and coconut oil. Layers of French green clay and Australian pink clay will gently remove impurities and exfoliate your skin. This soap is lightly scented with Lavender, Tea Tree, Orange, and Litsea Cubeba essential oils. 


Ingredients: olive oil, green tea kombucha, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, shea butter, sodium hydroxide, sodium lactate, essential oils, Australian pink clay, french green clay, non-nano zinc oxide, lemon basil, calendula, red clover  


Winter Rose & Yarrow soap is made with tea steeped with rose petals, yarrow, rose hips, and orange peel. Rose petals have a long history in skin care because of its skin soothing properties. Yarrow is known for alleviating skin irritations. To maximize the benefits of the roses and yarrow, we infused sunflower oil with these herbs and use that oil when making this soap. Rose clay and Brazilian Red clay are added to gently remove impurities. This soap has a creamy, lotion-like lather that leaves your skin feeling soft and conditioned. 


Ingredients: olive oil, water, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, cocoa butter, sunflower oil, castor oil, sodium lactate, yarrow, rose clay, Brazilian red clay, non-nano zinc oxide, rose petals, rose hips, orange peel


Brighten up your day with this sunny soap! Our Sunny Day soap is made with olive oil and sweet almond oil that has been infused with calendula and sunflower petals. It is scented with orange essential oil, which is uplifting and fresh.  The oils in this soap are nourishing and beneficial to dry skin.  Calendula petals, turmeric, and orange peel are added for some gentle exfoliation.  Tussah silk fiber creates a silky smooth lather that leaves your skin feeling soft. 


Ingredients: olive oil, water, coconut oil, lard, sodium hydroxide, sweet almond oil, castor oil, orange essential oil, sodium lactate, kaolin clay, calendula petals, orange peel, turmeric, silk


Repeated hand washing can leave your hands feeling dry and chapped.  So we have formulated two lotion bars to moisturize dry hands, Winter Skin Relief and Silky Soft Skin. Both lotion bars are full of skin loving herbs, oils, and essential oils.  Winter Skin Relief is made with an infusion of dandelion flowers in avocado oil and sunflower oil.  Dandelion flowers are very soothing for chapped skin. This lotion bar contains moisturizing unrefined Shea Butter and lavender essential oil. Silky Soft Skin is made with a soothing herbal infusion of calendula and mallow root.  This lotion bar is made with mango butter and a blend of essential oil. We recommend using our lotion bars after washing your hands.  Dry hands completely, then rub the bar between your hands, the heat of your skin will soften the bar.  Massage the oils into your skin, nails, and cuticles. These bars are suitable for all skin types and safe to use on children.  


Winter Skin Relief Lotion Bar ingredients: shea butter, beeswax, avocado oil (infused with dandelion), sunflower oil (infused with dandelion), lavender essential oil

Silky Soft Skin Lotion Bar ingredients: mango butter, sunflower oil (infused with calendula, mallow root), bees wax, essential oils (lavender, copaiba oleoresin, palmarosa, lemon, frankincense carteri, helichrysum italicum)


Living in Colorado is tough on your skin, especially your lips.  The intense sun or cold and dry climate leave your lips dry and cracked.  So we created a lip balm that would sooth dry lips and protect them from the elements no matter where you live.  Our farm-crafted lip balm fits in your pocket and are formulated to condition dry, chapped lips.  Made with organic beeswax, rich butters, and oils infused with herbs.  We have two lip balms available, Cucumber Mint and Lavender Vanilla.


Lavender Vanilla: sweet almond oil (infused with lavender and vanilla bean), mango butter, jojoba oil (infused with vanilla bean), beeswax, essential oils (lavender, vanilla oleoresin)

Cucumber Mint: shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil (infused with plantain leaf), cucumber seed oil, essential oils (peppermint, spearmint) 



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